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The ACBC certification process exists to equip you to minister the Bible faithfully to those in need of God’s truth. The training process is made up of three phases: learning, exams and evaluations, and supervision. You can learn more at

  • Learn From A Certified Training Center

  • Choose From Several Specializations

  • Master The Fundamentals

  • Gain A Solid Biblical Approach

How Does The ACBC Process Work?


Complete the course through viewing the lessons, reading the required texts, and counseling observation.


Take the Theology and Counseling exams and turn in your recommendation forms and testimony.


Get connected with an ACBC Fellow who will guide you through 50 sessions of supervised counseling.

  • Testimonials

    ACBC certification has strengthened my spiritual walk more than anything in my life. The focused study and application of biblical principles has paid dividends in my personal walk with the Lord as well as those whom I counsel. I wish that I had been exposed to this training when I was younger.

    – Randy

  • Testimonials

    The ACBC certification process has had a wonderful impacted my spiritual life.  Through Biblical Counseling, God in His grace, has allowed me to witness the Holy Spirit’s work in the hearts of many. The greatest benefit of counseling to me is the work God does in my own heart as I walk with others through adversity.

    – Jim

  • Testimonials

    Becoming an ACBC certified biblical counselor provides the believer with a practical means to love God by experiencing progressive sanctification from the teachings, didactic, and hands on learning, supervision, and mentorship of the certification process. 

    – Ola

    Fundamentals Training Course

    The Fundamentals Training Course is a lecture course on the basics of biblical counseling. Taking this course will give you an introduction to the essential elements of biblical counseling. It’s a great first step in counseling training!

    The Fundamentals Training Course also completes the training portion of Phase 1 for those pursuing ACBC certification. To receive credit for this training, registration is required (see above tab).


    What is the normal time range for completing certification?

    2 years is the average time needed to complete certification, but a 4-year deadline is given to complete Phases 1 & 2 and a 1-year deadline is given for Phase 3.

    How much does certification cost?
    • $1200-1400 (approximate)
      • Phase 1 ($50 for training videos [paid to First Baptist Church First Counseling], books [for 1,000 pages required reading] can range between $50-$200 – we recommend borrowing or buying used books)
      • Phase 2 ($100 grading fee, paid to ACBC)
      • Phase 3 ($700-800 Fellow fee, paid to Fellow)
    Why do I need to register with ACBC before registering with your training?

    ACBC requires everyone pursuing certification to register with them first; you are then given access to a Certification Dashboard to help walk you through the certification process.

    Can I view the training videos without registering?

    Yes, our training videos are available to the public and can be watched for personal edification. For certification purposes, you must be registered with ACBC and with First Counseling.

    Are there any additional requirements?
    • In addition to ACBC’s requirements, First Counseling requires a Personal Growth Project (explained in the intro video) within 30 days of registering with us.
      • The PGP provides an opportunity for personal growth, which will better equip you to counsel others.
    • First Counseling also requires the reading of Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands (Paul Tripp) and A Theology of Biblical Counseling (Heath Lambert) as part of the 1,000 pages of required reading.