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Become A Certified Biblical Counselor

Certified Training Center

The First Counseling ministry of First Baptist Church is an ACBC Certified Training Center. You can partner with First Counseling for training, guidance, and help through Phase 1 of the ACBC certification process.

Program Overview

Phase 1

Training (cost $50)

  • 30+ hours of video training (provided by First Counseling and approved by ACBC)
  • 10 hours of counseling observation
  • 1,000 pages of reading from ACBC’s approved reading list (provided by ACBC).
  • Logs for counseling observation and required reading are available on your ACBC Certification Dashboard.
  • Personal Growth Project (required by First Counseling)

Phase 2


*Please note that First Counseling provides helpful resources but is not involved in this phase.

  • 24 Theology questions (essay-style answers)
  • 20 Counseling questions (essay-style answers)
  • Your written testimony and recommendation paperwork are also submitted at this time.

Phase 3

Supervised Counseling

*Please note that First Counseling is not involved in this phase.

  • Counseling (50 sessions done under an ACBC Fellow’s supervision)

Ready To Get Started?

Step 1

Register with
Upon registering with ACBC, you will receive your certification dashboard ID #

Step 2

Register with First Counseling

Next, register with First Counseling on our website with your ACBC ID #

Step 3

Begin Our Fundamentals Course

Click on the below box to access the videos and notebook.