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First Counseling offers specialization events and seminars that can be used as credits toward certification in specific areas. Below you will find information and links to any such events or seminars.

Marriage is God’s creation and he designed it for his glory and our good. Yet sin has damaged God’s purpose and plan for marriage. The good news is that through the gospel and the power of the Word of God, what has been damaged can be restored and reclaimed.

Whether you are a Sunday school leader, mentor, counselor, or pastor we invite you to listen to these audio resources where you will be trained in premarital counseling, communication, conflict resolution, marital roles, sexual issues, parenting, finances, and so much more. Marriages are broken, but by God’s grace what is broken can be restored. 

Discover how to provide Biblical hope and help for those struggling with life dominating temptations and addictions at the Fighting Enslaving Sins Conference.