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As a training center for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, we strive for excellence in biblical counseling. This includes providing ACBC-approved CEUs for our certified counselors. Each session counts towards two (2) CE units, but registration is required via the ACBC website. Past and current topics are listed below.

CEU Schedule 2024

January 30 — Practical Homework Assignments (Sean Perron)

This will be an in-depth treatment of possible homework assignments related to the spiritual disciplines. It will give specific and recommended resources that are not covered in the fundamentals track. We have developed a counseling homework filing system and will be showing our counselors examples of what is in the files related to homework. Counselors always need to be sharpened in the area of assigning homework. Guidelines will be given on how to design and assign well-rounded homework that not only requires Bible studies and reading literature but also requires learning and practicing skills.


February 20 — The Counseling Needs of Senior Adults (Pastor John Blount)

Senior adults have special counseling needs that we need to be tuned into. Among other things, they deal with issues of chronic pain, financial pressures, failing health and the death of a spouse. How do we lovingly shepherd them and what resources are available?

March 19 — A Theology of Marriage/God’s Purpose for Marriage (Pastor Spencer Harmon)

This seminar will reinforce what we believe about marriage. This is important because of the degradation of marriage in our culture and world. This theology of marriage will then be applied to marriage counseling methodology.

April 16 — Neuroscience, the Body and Biblical Counseling (Dr. Jenn Chen)

This webinar will explore a basic introduction to brain science and how to tell hype from accuracy in a world that is making huge claims about the brain. We will also talk about what a biblical counselor should do with neuroscience research.

May 21 — Anxiety (Dr. Sean Perron)

Are all negative emotions sinful?  In particular, are fear and anxiety always sinful? In addition to thinking through these issues biblically we will explore current thinking among some in the biblical counseling world. Practical methodology for dealing with cases of extreme anxiety and out of control thoughts will also be presented.

June 18 — Counseling and the Heart of Counselors (Dr. Ernie Baker)

As counselors we focus on helping our counselees understand what is going on in the motivations of their hearts and helping them live for superior worship in the Lord instead. It is easy to forget though that counselors need sanctification at the heart level as well. This seminar will explore how common heart themes like desires for control, acceptance, and comfort loving can have an impact on counseling. Counselors will be shown how to develop a personal growth project to address these tendencies. Reading: Edward Welch’s, Motives, Why Do I Do What I Do?


August 20 — Jesus as Counselor (Dr. Sean Perron)

In this seminar Sean will present his research and findings from his PhD dissertation. Jesus is a model counselor as shown in the Gospel of John. We will examine how Jesus gives instruction and hope in his personal ministry. We will also explore the sufficiency of Scripture for counseling from the ministry of Jesus. The conclusion will be that Jesus had a unique model for counseling that must be followed by the church today.

September 17 — Domestic Violence (Dr. Ernie Baker)

It is important for biblical counselors to have clear biblical convictions related to domestic abuse because of the truth claims being made by many. We must know how our theology not only evaluates the false truth claims that are being taught but also how our theology shapes how we view the sad issue of domestic violence. This webinar will be an introduction to the ACBC affirmations and denials statement with a focus on understanding the controversial issues. We will also look briefly at the issues surrounding I Peter 3:1-7 (Reading: The affirmations and denials statement).



October 22 — Hard Cases (Dr. Heath Lambert)

The Bible is not only sufficient for common everyday struggles but is also powerfully relevant for the extreme problems people face. In this lecture, we will examine the rich relevance of Scriptures for the difficult problems people face. A model for how to think about hard cases will also be taught (reading: The Introduction to Counseling the Hard Cases).

November 19—A Marriage Counseling Case Study (Dr. Ryan Trzeciak)

We always need to improve how we provide care during difficult marriage counseling cases. Dr. Ryan Trzeciak will lead us in analyzing a case study and developing a plan to help the couple change so they can have a God glorifying marriage.