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As a training center for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, we strive for excellence in biblical counseling. This includes providing ACBC-approved CEUs for our certified counselors. Each session counts towards two (2) CE units, but registration is required via the ACBC website. Past and current topics are listed below.

CEU Schedule 2023

March 21 (webinar): Common Grace, Psychology, Science, and Scripture – Dr. Heath Lambert

Some in the biblical counseling world are claiming that we have not taken into account the doctrine of common grace related to redeeming culture and science for the glory of God. How should we view science and in particular what is called “evidence based research” and how should this be viewed in biblical counseling? Does the Bible really have enough to help people thoroughly with their problems or should we be using


April 18: A Robust Ministry of Pre-Marriage Counseling – Pastor Sean Perron

It is absolutely crucial that we help individuals make a wise choice of a spouse and make sure issues that could impact their marriage are explored during premarital counseling. Because of the lack of biblical discipleship in our culture, among other things, there is a crying need to teach what biblical manhood and womanhood is, a biblical view of sexuality, how to communicate and resolve conflicts. A premarital curriculum is being developed that will cover these issues along with helping individuals explore what is driving the affections of their heart and how that could impact their future marriage.

May 16: Pornography, Repentance, and Sorrow – Dr. Ernie Baker

For trust to be rebuilt after pornography has damaged a relationship there must be true repentance and then a decision to forgive. Paul gives a very clear description of the characteristics of repentance in 2 Cor. 7:9-11 and contrasts it with a worldly sorrow. How can we tell which is the case in a counselee? This seminar will explore key passages on repentance and how to rebuild trust.

June 20: How to Build Involvement and Relationship in Counseling and Ministry – Ryan Trzeciak 

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Although the original source of this quote is unknown, its wisdom is most relevant in the counseling ministry. As biblical counselors, we place a high priority on showing people how the Bible can help them with their problems. However, it is equally as important that we show love and compassion, following the example of our Wonderful Counselor. This seminar will equip you to see counselees not as problems to be fixed, but as people who need to see and experience the love of Christ through counselors who are invested in their lives.

August 15: Psychological and Personality Testing – Dr. Heath Lambert

For decades the psychologies have proposed personality diagnostic tools to give insight into human behavior. These tests such as the Enneagram or Minnesota Multiphasic Personality inventory are supposed to reveal why the person is the way he or she is. Are these tools useful to a biblical counselor? How should we view them? Should they be used in premarital counseling? What is a biblical view of personality? Is personality fixed as these tests imply?

September 19 (webinar): Trauma Informed Counseling – Practical Help – Dr. Ernie Baker

We have already spent time thinking about what it means to be trauma informed now we will think about how to help those who have had traumatic experiences biblically. We will evaluate some secular theories and methodologies and also provide biblical alternatives.


October 24: In-Depth Gathering Data – Dr. Ernie Baker

Out of love for counselees we need to be sure we are being thorough in out gathering and assessment of information from counselees. To what extent and what information should we gather about their physical condition? How is their physical condition impacting their soul? What is driving the affections of their heart and how do you find out? What are the side effects of psychotropic medicines and how much should we care? How are others being impacted by the counselee? This seminar will explore how to do in-depth data gathering.

November 14 (webinar): Introduction to Committed to Care: Statement on Abuse and Biblical Counseling – Dr. Ernie Baker

The goal of this seminar will be to add some very practical tools to the counselor’s toolbox by showing how to use proven homework assignments. Time will also be sent in showing how to use the counselor homework filing system provided for FBC counselors.